Myra's virtual studio to create

a happy and balanced body everyday

Thank you for the classes, I really enjoy them and find them encouraging. You manage to convey your warmth and spirit through the zoom media, which is not an easy thing to do.
Amanda, Chelsea, QC

While the studio remains physically closed, let's move well together online.

Book an individual lesson or live group classes.

New 2021 Online Studio Live Session

Group classes Schedule Season 2 

From March 29th to May 20th 2021


12:30pm to 1pm

Gentle class

(In French)


8:30am to 9am

Gentle class

(In English)


12:30pm to 1pm

Tonic class

(In French)


8:30am to 9am

Tonic class

(In English)

All group classes are live & recorded.

Replays are available during 7 days.

Group Classes description

Gentle Class - All levels, 30 min.

Slower movements focused on the combination of mobility and deep stability.

Offer yourself movements to feel balanced; calm and awake, nimble and strong.

Tonic class - All levels, 30 min.

Invigorating class focused on tonicity, functional and safe exercises.

Let this class leave you feeling energized, stronger and taller with toned core and abs.

From March 29th to May 20th

Awaken tonicity,

lengthening flow for the spring

8 Weeks Group Session - $85

32 Live unique classes (16 in English & 16 in French)

+ all replays included


1 free week open studio!

To try the live classes send an email bellow to receive the zoom link. 


You can join the current session at a lower cost!

Pilates & Movement Teacher

Myra Aubry

Myra is a certified Comprehensive Pilates & movement educator from Body Harmonics Toronto with over 15 years of experience. Her varied and creative approach to movement favors functional and safe physical training to awaken, develop and maintain body strength, flexibility, tonicity, mobility and above all a quality of presence in movement.



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