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Core Introduction - Beginner

An essential first step for all participants. Targeted exercises to discover your "core connection" - fundamental to help you gain full body control, strength, power and flexibility.  Each week you will see and feel your core getting stronger and daily movements improved.   

No Introduction class at the moment. Inquire for the next session.

Core Flow - Intermediate/ Advanced

Exercises change each week! Your mind and body are challenged to master each new move and to encourage deep optimal strength and agility. Your every movement become easier and individual sports performance is improved.

Body Balm - Specialized

A gentle class designed to find a balance between ease of motion and stability/strength in the joints and the lower back and core. These targeted exercises allow for individual body limitations and injuries (weather you experience, or not, ex: knee, shoulder, back or hip pain). 50% of the class is done with the use of soft balls to practice muscle and fascia release techniques.

Tonifik - Specialized - Beginner/ Intermediate

A beginner/ intermediate class to sculpt, reshape and contour the waistline, hips, thighs and bum with a continuous flow for a gentle cardio workout. Integrated "Core Connection" exercises are the foundation for this specialized class. 

Registration is required for all group classes.

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Drop In classes available upon request:

1 class - $19

5 classes pkg - $85

10 classes pkg - $160


Tailored one-on-one or semi-private lessons for individuals preferring a private setting and/or specific goals, such as postnatal, injury recovery and improved athletic performance. You will feel strong, tall and tension-free. All individual classes include a written program to bring home and practice on your own. Personal Video programs also available.

1h15 - 74$


Personal Instruction Video Program

20min Footage - $40

40min Footage - $70

Private lesson 1h 

1 class - $63

5 classes - $300 ($60/class)

10 classes pkg - $570 ($57/class)

1 class - $74 total

10 classes pkg - $630

Semi-private (Two students) 1h 

Semi-private (Three students) 1h 

1 class - $85

10 classes pkg - $735