House of Commons Wellness Room 

Fitness program provided by CHELSEA PILATES

Registration process & FAQ

Fr / Eng

From Monday January 20th to Monday April 20th

Session of 12 Classes total over 14 weeks

NO CLASS during Quebec March Break from March 2nd to the 6th

No class on Easter Monday April 13th


Mondays &/or Thursdays 11:30am to 12:20pm - Core Flow Pilates (Beg/Intermediate level)

Targeted exercises to discover your "core connection" - fundamental to help you gain full body control, strength, power and flexibility. Each week you will see and feel your core getting stronger and daily movements improved.

$180 txs incl for 12 weeks/classes (once a week)

or $336 txs incl for 12 weeks/24 classes (twice a week)

or $18 txs incl for 1 Drop In

or $85 txs incl for 5 classes (non consecutive)

Mondays &/or Thursdays 12:30pm to 1pm - Bootcamp (All levels)

Moderate to high intensity circuit training with mostly body weight. 

My strength is a wide variety of fun movements and the precision of my instructions to get greater results that are healthy and safe. A moderate to high cardio workout that brings tonicity and strength.

$160 txs incl for 12 weeks/classes

or $16 txs incl for 1 Drop In

How to register?:

1. Send an email indicating the time and day you wish to attend as well as which payment package you choose.

2. In order to complete your registration, please send a payment by e-transfer to the same above email address.

Payment in cash only accepted for a single Drop In class. Exact amount required.

3. IMPORTANT: Download, print and fill out the health questionnaire and bring it at first class.

(Mandatory to participate in the class).

Note: space is limited, registration is required.


1. I have no experience and/or I am not flexible, will I be able to participate?

Yes, I will offer different modified movements for different levels to make it interesting and safe for all participants.

2. If I miss a class can I join a different class to makeup for it?

Yes, you are welcome to join a different group/class to makeup, as long as there is space on the given day.

3. Do I need to bring my own mat?

Yes, you need to bring your own mat. A few mats will be available to borrow on site, in case you forget yours.

4. What should I wear?

For Pilates, comfortable clothing and barefoot is ideal. For the bootcamp, same as Pilates plus running shoes. Don't forget to bring a bottle of water.

5. I'm not sure yet if I want to commit to the 12 weeks, can I try 1 class first?

Yes, you are welcome to register for the class as a dropIn and try it, if you choose to signup for the session, the trial Drop In class will be deducted from the full amount. Trial price: exact amount is required and same registration process above is required.

6. If I buy a package, how can I use it?

If you buy for example a 10 classes package, you will be able to participate to 10 classes of the specific class you choose to join: example Pilates Thursdays, within this session. The classes do not have to be consecutive. You can join a different group, example the Tuesday Pilates instead only if there is space on that day.

7. What if I need to cancel?

Cancellation policy: Group lessons - Within 3 days of the first class, you can cancel the session by email and get a refund. Past the first class there is no refund, however, you can use that amount towards future classes within a year.

8. I have more question, how can I contact the teacher?

You are welcome to contact me, by email or text/phone: